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Mistress Danica

January 31, 2012

Would you like me to be your mistress? Do you deserve to be my slave? Will you worship me, obey me, and do my every command? Well If you dont please me, you shall have to go without your rewards. And If you do please me, I can be very generous. So lets see how […]

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The 1980’s

January 30, 2012

Way back in the 1980’s when I started my career, when there was no internet, the only way you could get to meet and photograph glamour models, was through Photographic Studios, who would often run photo seminars and the amateur photographer groups would be able to shoot their favourite top shelf model. I did many of […]

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Sexy Housewife

January 27, 2012

My cleaner is due to arrive so I will just have a quick tidy up before she gets here. After all I wouldnt want her to think Im messy. So you dont mind if I get on with it do you, after all you could always enjoy the view. Phew! This cleaning is hard work, […]

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Australia Day

January 26, 2012

So today is the Official National Day of Australia. And celebrations will be held all over Australia, and indeed here in London for all Australians living here. I hope it will be a great day for you all. Having had the pleasure of being in Australia many years ago on this fabulous day, I can […]

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Away Shooting

January 25, 2012

Im off away shooting hot new material for ‘JustDanica‘ at the moment. This is my first shoot this year for the site and I have brought with me a huge list of your requests and I will try to do as many as possible (well all the good and sensible ones) as I do get some […]

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Relaxing by the Pool

January 24, 2012

Sitting beside the pool, relaxing and enjoying some free time, what a great way to relax and unwind. Caressing my breasts and playing with my nipples, fingering my pussy and giving myself a very satisying orgasm.   Now that really is a great way to unwind. Click here and take a dip with me. Members […]

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Happy Chinese New Year

January 23, 2012

Well its Chinese New Year today, The year of the Dragon, So happy New Year to all of my Chinese fans and members, I hope you have a super day celebrating, and although im not Chinese, I dont see why that should stop me, so I might as well order a take-away and lift a […]

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Tight Sweater and Pantyhose

January 20, 2012

While I make you a cup of tea, I hope you will enjoy the view. Im afraid ive no biscuits, but maybe I can tempt you to something else. After all there is plenty here to tempt you with. Click here if your tempted. Members click here Love Danica xxx

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A Busy New Year

January 19, 2012

Well its been a very busy start for me this New Year. Like everyone else Ive had to catch up with everything after the holidays, Then had a quick trip over to Dublin, then straight off to Bournmouth, Im due to start shooting for the site again next week so have been busy putting together […]

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Vintage Classic

January 17, 2012

If you think Im looking everybit a lady in this classic vintage photo set, then you would be very wrong. For if I slowly drop the tiny straps of this soft silky slip and reveal my wonderfull huge breasts…. And then ease up the skirt to this pretty delicate nightdress, you will see im totally […]

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