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Waking up with Me

March 30, 2012

Good Morning, I hope you slept well.  Im feeling very horny. And you have your usual morning hard-on I see. Let not let it go to waste. Why dont you climb on top of me and fuck me. Gently at first and then let me get on top so as I can then fuck you […]

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Flashing my bits

March 29, 2012

Well, once again im back up in the Midlands shooting more updates for JustDanica. and this time im really hoping to get some cheeky outdoor shoots done. So think of me, running around country lane’s flashing my bits to unsuspecting people, and trying very hard not to get arrested. Oh and yeah pray that it […]

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Leathered Up

March 27, 2012

This tight fitting leather dress makes me feel so very horny. The way it clings to my huge round arse, the way it shows if my huge natural 34gg cleavage makes me feel every bit woman. And knowing that I can tease you by slowly undoing this zip, bit by bit to reveal everything to […]

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Spring is Here

March 26, 2012

Well finally Spring has arrived, and I for one am enjoying the lovely Spring weather we are having at the moment, and the longer lighter evenings. This Weekend was a weekend of getting outside, and that was exactly what I did. As you all know Im an avid gardener, so I spent all yesterday digging, […]

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Upskirt Pantyhose

March 23, 2012

Can you see up my skirt? Can you see if im wearing any panties? Here, let me help you by lifting up my skirt to show you my pantyhose. Maybe if I rip the gusset it will be easier for you to see my  dark hairy pussy.   But I dont want to make it too […]

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Come and Join Me

March 22, 2012

Well Im now back on FaceBook. So many of you asked what happend to my last account, well quite simply, I was a little too saucy for them, and sadly I was deleted. But, Ive now re-set it up and although Im going to have to behave on there, it should still be fun.  So come […]

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Blow Job

March 20, 2012

Im going to get on my knees in front of you, and I would like you to unzip your flies and take out your cock and put it in my mouth so as I can tease the tip of it with my tongue, then suck on it with long hard sucks, and then spit on […]

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Happy Monday

March 19, 2012

Well its Monday Morning again, how quick it seems to come round. One moment your looking forward to the weekend, and making plans, and the next its Monday, and another week ahead. Well I guess the sooner we get on with Monday, the sooner the next weekend will be here. Happy Monday everyone, I hope […]

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St Patricks Day

March 17, 2012

Happy St Patricks day everybody (or at least to those who celebrate it) Im not really  a Guinness drinker, but I might just manage half a pint when Im out with friends tonight. Have Fun if you celebrat this special day Love Danica xx

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Seducing the Bank Manager

March 16, 2012

Ive just had a meeting with my bank manager to try and sort out a loan for a future business venture. I purposly dressed in a very short skirt, and a sheer white blouse, stockings, suspenders and high heels. But, no matter how much I leant over to reveal my cleavage, lifted up my skirt […]

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