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The Shopping Trip

June 29, 2012

Im just back from a little shopping trip, and Im feeling very excited: Not from what I have bought, but from the fact that underneath the softness of my cashmere coat Im wearing nothing but lingerie and stockings. The very thought of this while I was out made me feel so horny that Im just […]

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Blog Stats

June 28, 2012

Last week I wrote about it being the 2nd anniversary of my blog, which then lead me to look at the traffic statistics for it. Wow, I could hardly believe it: 36.000 views a month and climbing. How thrilling to know so many of you are reading my blog. I want to say a big […]

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Come on In

June 26, 2012

Why dont you come on in, you are most welcome, let me make you a coffee, do you like it dark and sweet like me? Come through to the living room, lets sit down and chat. Well by the look in your eye talking is not on your mind, so let me show what you would like […]

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A busy week ahead.

June 25, 2012

Well its a very busy week for me, as im off shooting for a few days for the site again this week, we shall have to see what the weather does before we decide to do any outdoor shooting, but keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we will get a few sneaky outdoor shoots done. Once Im […]

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Pervert down the Pub

June 22, 2012

After a busy day of appointments, I decided to grab a few quiet moments in a pub and finish off a bit of paperwork. Sitting quietly working away, minding my own business, I notice a pervy looking guy keep looking, wandering by me and learing at me. I challange him, asking him what he was […]

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2 Years On

June 21, 2012

I was recently reminded that this blog has now been up and running for 2 years today so it seems only fitting that I do a blog post to mark the occasion. I can’t believe the time has flown so fast. It seems like only yesterday when I set this blog up to tell you […]

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Garden Fun

June 19, 2012

Im feeling very naughty today: So knowing that my neighbours eldest 21 year old son is at home on his own, I decide to put on a little show for him. Im dressed in a very short skirt and a very revealing blouse. I just cant help but to flash my pretty panties and to let […]

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If you go down to the woods today.

June 18, 2012

Well, you never know who you may bump into! Love Danica xxx

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New Video Blog

June 16, 2012

Well its been a very busy time at ‘JustDanica’ as I now have a new video blog up and running. Here you can see all the trailer video’s from the site, a little taster of everything and something to wet your appetite with. Click here to enter my new video blog: It should keep you […]

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An Evening In

June 15, 2012

Relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine, laying on a soft rug and wearing only a soft mohair sweater and tan pantyhose, Im feeling relaxed and so very horny. Pulling down my sweater to squeeze and tease my huge tits, and then slipping my hand down the front of my pantyhose so as […]

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