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Outdoor Fun

October 30, 2012

Well, the title says it all for this naughty update. Its outdoors, and it was a whole lot of fun trying to shoot it. I got caught flashing my bits so many times, but that just added to the fun and excitement of it all. Its just a good job im not shy. Click here […]

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October 29, 2012

Look! I shop at the supermarket too. Love Danica xxx

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Coming up Roses

October 26, 2012

This update is an idea from a member. When I read it, I rather liked the idea of being surronded by sweet scented roses.   And once I started shooting the scene, it wasnt long before, I not only enjoyed the scent of the roses, but also the touch and feel of the soft rose […]

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What an Eyeful

October 24, 2012

Oh my, this is quite an eyeful dont you think? Love Danica xxx

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Filming my Pussy (Self Shot)

October 23, 2012

Another great self shot video for you here, but this time its all about my pussy. Let me show it to you, close and personal, let me get the camera so close to my pussy you will almost be able to smell me. And then let me spread myself wide, and show you absolutly everything. […]

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Wrap up Warm

October 21, 2012

Well Summer is well and truly finished, and Autumn is here, with Winter not far behind. So its time to start adding the layers and wraping up warm. Love Danica xxx

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Milf Tease

October 19, 2012

So you like Milf’s do you? You like looking at Milf’s: Their curves, their breasts, their stocking clad legs. Well, Im a Milf, and I just love to show myself off to younger men. So let me show you my curves, my cleavage and my long stockinged legs. And then you can tell me why […]

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The Behind the Scene’s

October 17, 2012

Just a quick post here on my blog, to let all my members know that I now have a new section on my site, Its a ‘Behind the Scenes’ section, and will include footage shot before and after and sometimes inbetween shoots. I hope you will enjoy watching it, and enjoy getting to know me […]

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I Want You to Fuck Me

October 16, 2012

Im just going to pull out my huge tits, and unbutton the bottom of my lace body to reveal to you my juicy pussy. And then Im just going to lay here and invite you to come and fuck me. You can fuck me anyway you want too, I really dont mind as long as […]

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October 13, 2012

I fancy a bath, care to join me? Love Danica xxx

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