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Hot and Horny after a hard ride

Published on October 25, 2014 By Danica

After a day out horse riding im feeling very hot and horny. Slipping down my tight jodhpurs to bare my firm round arse, im ready for some hot action. But with no stable boy to hand,  It’s not long before my riding crop disappear’s! ( Members ) Enjoy this kinky update  Love Danica xxx

Slave Challenge

Published on September 6, 2013 By Danica

So you want to be my slave do you? Well are you good enough to be my slave? Are you able to obey and to know how to please your mistress? Are you able to control yourself, regardless of what your mistress will do? Let me set you a challenge by getting out my huge […]

Beg for Me

Published on May 3, 2013 By Danica

So, you have come for some training today have you? I hope you know what is in store for you? If you want me to be your mistress, you are going to have to obey my every command. Now, sit, and let me attach your collar, and lead you to where I want you to […]


Published on August 10, 2012 By Danica

Hey you down there, What do you think you are looking at? I would be very carefull if I were you, as I could squash you with my foot. Or maybe you would like that; the feel of my high heel digging into you, my foot crushing into your face. Or maybe you want me […]

Double Pantyhose

Published on July 13, 2012 By Danica

For everyone who is a lover of Pantyhose, then this update is for you. For not only do you get me in sheer to waist tan pantyhose, you also get black chain-net pantyhose layered on top. Double the pleasure!   The sound of the two nylon layers rubbing together is so exciting and I cant […]

Feet First

Published on June 1, 2012 By Danica

So you love my feet, you want to smell them, play with them, suck my toes and lick the soles of my feet. But, do you want to suck and play with my feet while im wearing my stockings, or would you rather I  slipped them off to reveal my pretty feet and painted toenails. […]

Trying on Shoes

Published on May 22, 2012 By Danica

Enjoy watching this video of me slipping my feet in and out of shoes. Watch me as I dangle shoes on my toes, slipping my stockinged feet in to 6 inch heeled pumps and enjoy hearing the sound of the heels clicking on the floor as I walk in them. Enjoy also as I remove […]

School Mistress

Published on May 18, 2012 By Danica

Im here today to teach you lessons of self control. And, if you do not learn what I am teaching you, you will be punished. So let me see how much self control you have when I unbutton my sweater and show you  my huge cleavage. When I strip off my skirt and reveal im wearing […]

Fur Fantasy

Published on April 27, 2012 By Danica

There is nothing more sensual than the feeling of fur against my skin. Just gently brushing it over my body makes me tingle with excitement. As I brush it over my breasts and across my nipples I feel myself aroused, and as I tease and tickle the lips of my soft pussy I can feel […]

How do you like me best.

Published on April 14, 2012 By Danica

I do so many different themes on the site, and try to act as many different roles as I can. But how do you like me? Feminine, Bossy, Cute, Powerfull, Dominant. Pinup?       You Choose! Love Danica xxx