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1950’s Chic.

July 30, 2010

Here I go again with my love of the vintage Pin-Up era.  This time though, its from the 1950’s. Complete with luscious red lips, pearl necklace, fur stole, and of course seamed fully fashioned stockings, all topped of with a little chic net hat. Looking every bit of a lady: But wait untill you see the […]

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Hot and Sticky!

July 28, 2010

Doesn’t this hot sticky weather, make you want to take off all your clothes, and take a nice cool shower.

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What did i do this weekend?

July 26, 2010

I decided to go for a ride on my bike. The cool air in my hair. The sun on my back.  Perfect! Except, everyone kept staring.  I really dont know why!

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A little something for the weekend!

July 24, 2010

My photographer and I were looking for a place to shoot when suddenly the sky became a mass of clouds, too good of an opportunity to miss, we made the most of it.  Hope you enjoy the results. Credit must go to my brilliant photographer, Simon, who really knows his stuff. A big thank you […]

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What a day!

July 21, 2010

Phew! what a day  I have had; I have been busy shooting for the site all day, and what fun I have had.  It’s been a day of, Stocking pulling, Knicker dropping, Tit squeezing, Finger fucking and Dildo thrusting. And at the end of it i’m left with a throbbing pussy and a big smile […]

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Whats everyone up too?

July 20, 2010

So, whats everyone up too this week    Come on spill the beans,   Confide in me, I promise not to tell. For myself; after a crazy busy week, last week, things are a little less hectic this one, thank goodness. Speaking of last week, as you all know i went ‘up north’ to work, so would […]

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Waking up with Me on Sunday Morning

July 18, 2010

Good Morning, Did you sleep well?  Ive just woken up and dont quite feel like im ready to face the world yet, so im going to pull these lovely crisp white sheets up around my naked body, and wait for some one to bring me a coffee. Oh and while im waiting, I think i […]

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Location Location Location

July 16, 2010

I am always looking for new locations to shoot at for the site. So maybe if you have somewhere, you might be able to help. Whether its a Luxury House, Garage, Pub, Farm or a penthouse appartment, or anywhere unique, or a little different, why dont you drop me an email at;             It […]

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Flashing in Public

July 14, 2010

There is nothing more exciting than flashing in public. So i could hardly resist when i passed this alleyway. I just couldn’t help myself, slipping my huge breasts out of my pretty polka dot blouse, and inching up my skirt slowly, to reveal black silk panties, and then slowly slipping them down, so as I […]

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Down at the Farm

July 12, 2010

I promised you last week some pic’s of me down at the farm. Well here they are. Of course, it wasnt all work and no play, as i seemed to find time for a picnic and a little fun. The poor farmer in the neighbouring field almost crashed his tractor when he passed by. I […]

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