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Spicing things up at the Supermarket

Published on June 6, 2014 By Danica

I’m just popping to the supermarket,  dressed like this! Todays update is a very sexy experience down the supermarket Do You want to join me ? Enjoy, Love Danica xxx

Let me Help you Cum

Published on September 13, 2013 By Danica

I want to help you cum. Would you like me to help you cum? I want to tease you, turn you on and get your cock nice and hard, and then I want you to cum: Shooting your hot sticky load anywhere you wish: On my huge 34gg tits or all over my big round […]

Slave Challenge

Published on September 6, 2013 By Danica

So you want to be my slave do you? Well are you good enough to be my slave? Are you able to obey and to know how to please your mistress? Are you able to control yourself, regardless of what your mistress will do? Let me set you a challenge by getting out my huge […]

Cum Fly with Me

Published on August 30, 2013 By Danica

Good morning and welcome. I do hope you will enjoy your experience flying with me today. Unfortunalty the pilot has been delayed, and as your hostess I am here to entertain you today. So, what can I do to keep you occupied while you wait for your flight? Well, I can see your eyes on […]

Dressed to Tease and Please

Published on August 23, 2013 By Danica

Im dressed today to tease and please you. So, let me tease you by showing you a glimpse of my huge cleavage, and flashes of my stocking tops. I want to tease you by slowly unbuttoning the front of my skirt and showing you my panties, and by taking off my top to show you […]

In Bed with Danica

Published on August 9, 2013 By Danica

Are you coming to bed? Ive been waiting for you. Look, Im all dressed up in your favorite lingerie, and Im wearing sheer black seemed fully fashioned stockings for you. as I know you like me in them. So come on, come to bed, and I will let you do all your favorite things to […]

Your New Boss

Published on August 2, 2013 By Danica

Let me introduce myself: I am you new boss. Things are going to be changing round here, now that I am in charge. I wont tolerate lazyness or slacking. I want total dedication and comitment to your work and if I get that, you will find me a very accommodating boss, who is willing to […]


Published on July 9, 2013 By Danica

I have a very special member, who has requested a private webcam session with me. After greeting him, its not long before he requests to get a long lingering look at my cleavage. Then he wants to see my tits out of my bra, well he has asked so nicely, who am I to refuse. […]

Waiting for You

Published on June 14, 2013 By Danica

Ah hello, Ive been waiting for you. Now that you are here, I have so much to show you. Do you like my dress, I put it on especially for you. Would you like to see more? Would you like a closer look at my cleavage? Let me show you my stocking tops, I know […]

The Stocking sales Lady

Published on May 31, 2013 By Danica

Good morning, can I interest you in purchasing some fully fashioned stockings? For your wife, or girlfriend maybe: I have a great range, and so many colours and styles; black, tan, navy, contrast seam, rht, and seamed. Why dont I try some on for you to choose. These navy blue stockings are very popular, and […]