I have a very special member, who has requested a private webcam session with me.

After greeting him, its not long before he requests to get a long lingering look at my cleavage.

Then he wants to see my tits out of my bra, well he has asked so nicely, who am I to refuse.

Webcam Me

I know that showing him my tits excites him, as he tells me his cock is nice and hard, so when he asks for me to slip off my panties, and I tell him that I have a surprise for him; that im not wearing any, he then tells me how excited he is.

Showing off my arse

Opening my long stocking clad  legs very wide, I show him my wet pussy, then I begin to play with my pussy with my fingers, slipping them in and out of my wet hole.

Wanking on webcam

He tells me he is cumming, and the thought of it makes me so excited.

He is left breathless, but satisfied.

What a great session that was.

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Love Danica xxx

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