Your New Boss

Let me introduce myself:

I am you new boss.

Things are going to be changing round here, now that I am in charge. I wont tolerate lazyness or slacking. I want total dedication and comitment to your work and if I get that, you will find me a very accommodating boss, who is willing to reward you.

Your new boss

I know how a mans mind works, and I realise that having a boss like me will make your eyes wander from time to time. So I dont mind flashing my cleavage, or even a stocking top, if I see it brings in results.

Perks of the job

And if I see that I am getting total commitment from you, im more than willing to slip my huge 34gg tits out of my bra, and slip off my panties, and show you my juicy dark pussy.

Would you like to work for me

Click here to work for me.

Members click here.

Love |Danica xxx

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