The Stocking sales Lady

Good morning, can I interest you in purchasing some fully fashioned stockings?

For your wife, or girlfriend maybe:

I have a great range, and so many colours and styles; black, tan, navy, contrast seam, rht, and seamed.

Why dont I try some on for you to choose.

Can I interest you in anything.

These navy blue stockings are very popular, and they match the panties that I am wearing, let me slip them off, so as you can get a better look.

And these contrast tan stockings really enhance a ladies legs, and they seem to match the bra that I am wearing, if I take my bra off, you will see how well it matches.

Which would you choose

I can see you are rather impressed with what im showing you.

Thankyou for your order, Im sure your wife will enjoy what you have bought her, and im sure you will enjoy your wife wearing them.

Can I tempt you

Click here to watch me slipping in and out of stockings.

Members click here.

Love Danica xxx

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