Whats everyone up too?

So, whats everyone up too this week    Come on spill the beans,   Confide in me, I promise not to tell.

For myself; after a crazy busy week, last week, things are a little less hectic this one, thank goodness. Speaking of last week, as you all know i went ‘up north’ to work, so would like to say a big thankyou to all i worked with: Tom, Paul, Maz, Phil, Craig and Iain, Oh and not forgetting Mellie, You all know who you are if you are reading this. Also a big hello to the boys in the R W Interiors white transit van, who didn’t stop beeping their horn at me for over 10 junctions on the M1, you also know who you are.

So this week brings for me more shooting for the site, in fact i will be doing mostly video work, so god help the neighbours, it will be pretty noisy as i do love to enjoy myself at work!

Have a good week everyone, be back soon with more hot pics, Love Danica xxx

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