School Mistress

Im here today to teach you lessons of self control. And, if you do not learn what I am teaching you, you will be punished.

Obey Me

So let me see how much self control you have when I unbutton my sweater and show you  my huge cleavage. When I strip off my skirt and reveal im wearing no panties, and when I release my huge 34gg cup tits and approach your desk and lean right over you.

Do you want to be punished

Well, I can see from the bulge in your pants, that you do not have any self control. So it looks like im going to have to punish you. Now, what shall I use first? The slipper, the back of a brush, or the cane?


Punishment time

Click here to be punished.

Members click here.

Love Danica xxx

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