Pervert down the Pub

After a busy day of appointments, I decided to grab a few quiet moments in a pub and finish off a bit of paperwork.

Sitting quietly working away, minding my own business, I notice a pervy looking guy keep looking, wandering by me and learing at me.

Are you looking down my blouse.

I challange him, asking him what he was looking at? He blushed, and I could not resist having a little game with him; showing him my cleavage, raising my skirt hem to reveal stocking tops and panties.

Giving you something to perv at

He blushes more, so I show more:  Getting out my huge tits and slipping off my panties to show my hairy pussy.

He blushes and stammers, and with that I collect up my things and leave. But not before throwing my panties at him!

Take a good look

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Love Danica xxx

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