Back home from shopping

God what fun ive had this afternoon; Im in the shoe shop, I choose what I want to try on, a young male assistant helps me.  He was so shy, and the devil in me decided to toy with him: Each pair of shoes I tried on I just held out my foot for him to slip the shoe onto, then whilst he was still on his knees I took great delight in walking up and down knowing that he was looking at my legs. When I tried the next pair on, I sat down and let my skirt ride up, so as he could see a glimpse of stocking top from where he was kneeling. I placed one stockinged foot carelessly on his leg, I could see he was going red and tell by his stammering that he was excited, so I slipped the other foot onto his lap pushing it higher and higher untill my foot was touching his cock, He was hard, and he quickly looked up at me in shock, I smiled at him and put my finger to my lips for him to be silent, and then slowly started to stroke his cock with my foot, I could feel his hardness under my toes, and hear his breathing, I knew he wanted to come, one more stroke and he would. Suddenly another assistant came up, and started to ask him something, i quickly removed my foot from the poor guys crotch, stood up, picking one pair of shoes, and went and paid for them.

I left the shop with a backward glance, to see him still on his knees fumbling with boxes. God im definatly going back to shop there again!

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