Hot Hot Hot!

Phew, How hot has this week been? I have never really needed an excuse to take my clothes off, but in this weather, you would have to pay me too keep them on.

A Big Thank you, to you all, for your lovely comments, compliments and suggestions for the site. Keep them cumming, always appreciated.

I have been my usual busy self this week. Shot some fantastic content for the site, I will post pics next week, and should have more up-2-date news of the site also.

In the meanwhile, a few pics taken by a photographer, who i think has shot me more times than anybody else, and that takes some doing. With the weather so hot, even though im wearing corset and pearls, i had to keep my sunglasses on.  Thanks for the pics Robert you are an absolute star.

Danica wearing sunglasses


Danica Colllins wearing corset pearls and sunglasses

Corset, pearls and Sunglasses

Pearls and Sunglasses

Enjoy the weekend everyone, Love Danica xxx


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