Ooop’s I fogot to say!

Sorry, Guys, you all asked me so many questions, and i completly forgot to reply(what a bad girl i am) Hopefully this will help clear things. Bryon; you asked me my Birthsign, im Cancer. also re sending pics of yourselves; once the site is up and running there will be a direct email for you to use, so yes by all means send away, dont worry they will be for my private eyes only! Steve you wanted to know if you could post pic’s directly onto the blog, sorry hun but its not poss.  oh and Sughar, the credential’s of a perfect lover? well let me see,  Large feet (you know what they say about men with big feet)  Large hands (ive Big Boobs) Large Bank Account (you know how i love to shop),

Luv Danica xxx

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