What to Wear?

Should I choose fully fashioned , hold-ups, seamed or RHT stockings? and then there is the lingerie, should it be silk, satin, or lacy?
So many choices, what is a girl to do?

These will do nicely

So many choices, and they all make me feel so sexy when I wear any one of them, just slipping my bare feet into a FF stocking, and slowly slipping it up my curvy leg, just the feel of the clasp on the suspender belt, and then fastening to the stocking top, running my hands up the smooth and silk stocking, and my fingers along the seam at the back, makes me feel so womanly and sexy.
Slipping into silky panties, and feeling the softness against my warm and moist pussy. The sound of the clasp on my bra, and trying to contain my huge soft breasts in the lacy bra, pushing one breast in, only to find the other has tumbled out, finally they are in, but beautifully oozing back out again. A tight fitting pencil skirt, to compliment my curvy arse, and an even tighter blouse with buttons bursting to pop under the weight of my breasts, and of course, to finish, 6 inch black stiletto heels, and finally I am ready, now all I have to choose is where I’m going!

 Danica x

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