One year ago today ‘JUSTDANICA’  was launched. I still cant believe a whole year has now passed. And what a year it has been!

In the past year you have seen me as:  A pin-up girl, a secretary and a school girl. I have been clinched in and out of corsets, poured into pantyhose, only to rip them back off again. You have had afternoon tea with me, watched me bake, clean and have a massage, Ive popped out for a picnic, shagged myself senseless in the hay, dominated you, driven around in the car half naked, had hot steamy showers and you have even shared a bath with me. Ive been a nurse, the boss and even a submissive, and I have pulled my knickers up and down more times than I can count: And I have loved every moment of it.

I have also loved my chats with you over on Twitter, reading your emails and suggestions (even the very naughty ones) and you comments over on the site and here on the blog. Ive said this before, but im going to say it again ‘THANK YOU’ to you all, for without you there would be no ‘JustDanica’.   So a very Big Fat Warm Sloppy Thankyou to you all.

I cant write this blog post without also saying the biggest Thankyou to the guys behind the scene’s of  ‘JustDanica’.

‘JustDanica’ is very much a team effort, and I could not have done any of this without; My brilliant photographer ‘Simon Davies’ and my wonderfull webmaster ‘Simon’. (yes I have a team of Simons lol).

So another huge Thankyou goes to Simon my webmaster for helping and teaching me so much at the beginning of all this, and for his patience with me whilst I sent him endless emails asking him how to do things, also for his constant attention given to the site to enable it to run so brilliantly and smoothly.

Thankyou also to Simon Davies my photographer, for not only his brilliant photography, but for having to work so much with me, and for putting up with my rants and the odd tantrum on set (yes even I have them lol).

I could not have done any of this without you guys, so thankyou both so very much.

So today the site is one years old, and I thought I would leave you with a few of my personal favourite pictures that have been taken over the past year. Enjoy!

A Roll in the Hay

The Boss

A Lady

Cookery Lessons

Vintage Girl

Nurse Danica


Love Danica xxx

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