Last Week

Well Ive just about recovered from last weeks shooting for  ‘JustDanica’, as it was quite an eventfull couple of days:

As you know I travel up from London to the Midlands to do the shoots, and on this occasion the traffic was horrendous, and so I was late, so not a good start. Once I had arrived at the studio, Simon(my photographer) and I decided the weather was good enough to do some outdoor shooting (you know how I love a good flash). So we set off to find some quiet locations, which is easier said than done, as no sooner had we started filming and my tits where out, came the dog walkers, the joggers, and the early lunchers. Finally, once the coast was clear, Guess what? it started to rain, so we had to take shelter, thankfully it was just a shower.

Then we thought it would be better and safer to do a shoot in the car: we found our location, a quiet layby, sat and checked how many cars used it, the coast was clear, and so we started filming. I couldnt believe that the moment I got my panties off, the world and his uncle decided that they wanted to stop at the layby, have a smoke, go for a pee behind the bushes, stop and eat their lunch or just take a break from driving, the funny thing was none of them could see what we were doing, so I just had to keep covering up and waiting till they had gone. Finally, after being out 4 hours and having only shot 2 vids we gave up and went back to the studio for a warm up and a cofffee.

I think for  a while we will be shooting indoors, as I have no desire to get arrested, or freeze my bits off.

Hope you all had a good week,

Love Danica xxx

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