Life’s a Ball

Im off to another Gala Ball tonight, and I still havn’t decided what dress to wear. I had planned to buy a new one, but didnt somehow manage to find the time to do so, but I have plenty of unworn gowns in the wardrobe, so one of those will have to do.

Im also popping away for a very long weekend to a quiet little retreat, so very much looking forward to that, and then no sooner am I back, Im of away again shooting forĀ  ‘Just Danica’ for a few days. So I had better get all my packing done and organised, as I wouldnt want to pack the wrong things in the wrong bag, could prove awkward turning up at the Black Tie Ball with only Fully fashioned Stockings and suspenders to wear.

Hope your having fun what ever your doing,

Love Danica xxx

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