The History of Stockings

As I love and wear stockings so much, I thought I would look into the history of them, on doing so I found some very interesting facts:

Stockings have been around for over 400 years, and date back to 1589 when they were made from wool, cotton or silk, and were then worn by male and female.

The first synthetic fibre stocking was patented in 1937 by scientists at the DuPont company in Delaware USA. The first Nylon stocking appeared in New York stores in 1940.

In the second world war stocking production grinded to a halt, due to factories that made them were needed to produce tents and parachutes for the armed forces, and so they became very rare, so ladies learnt to improvise by drawing a vertical line up the back of the leg to simulate the effect of a stocking.

Over the years stockings have changed to so many different styles including: Fully Fashioned, RHT, Lace Top, Fishnet and Hold ups.

I still love my seamed fully fashioned the most though.

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Love Danica xxx

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