The History of the Pantyhose

A while back I did the history of the ‘Stocking’, so seeing as im also a lover of the ‘Pantyhose’ it seemed only right I do the history of those too.

The Pantyhose was invented in 1959 by a man called Allen Gant from the USA, where they were initially called ‘Panti-Legs’. Their popularity increased in the 1960’s due to the launch of the mini-skirt. Here in the UK, they soon became called ‘Tights’. Although originally they were made either in sheer nude or black, they now come in many different styles. from  sheer to opaque, fishnet, reinforced, crotchless, sheer to waist or control top.

Wolford sheer to waist

Personally, I only ever wear Wolford’s sheer to waist.

Love Danica xxx

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