What A Week

Well I can honestly say, I ran my little Jimmy Choo’s off last week; What with my trip to the Midlands to shoot more content for ‘JustDanica’,(a very successfull shoot it was too)  and a quick trip to Glasgow, which was most certainly fun filled; the Glaswegions know how to party and it seemed only rude of me not to join in, and then my usual running around that I do. I think I could do with a quiet on this week, just to catch my breath.

So apart from my usual catching up on your emails, chatting to you on twitter, and writing the new stories for the updates Ive just shot, I plan to meet a good friend for lunch, and I am also looking forward to going to a 1940’s-50’s fancy dress party: all the guests have been asked to come as a filmstar, so all I have to do is decide who I will go as?

Hope you have a super week.

Love Danica xxx


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