Well, its almost time to say farewell to 2012.

Its been quite a year what with the splendour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the amazing success of the Olympics and Paralympics here in London England. But it has also been the wettest summer on record.

Further afield, America, the Caribbean and the Bahamas were hit by hurricane Sandy, which left devastation and loss of lives. Which really puts our weather here in the Uk into perspective.

President Obama was re-elected (who, if I were American would have got my vote).

And sadly we lost many great singers through 2012; Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Etta James, to name but a few.

However on a brighter note we had the wonderfull announcement of a royal baby on the horizon, so well done Wills and Kate.

Oh, and I also celebrated my 2nd year of ‘JustDanica’

So I wonder like the rest of you what will 2013 bring us?

Well whatever is to come, I hope we will all have good health, happiness, and peace.

Happy New Year Everybody

Love Danica xxx



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