Baby Oil Part 2

The last baby oil video I did was so popular, I just had to do another one for you.

Only this time, Im going to take it nice and slowly and concentrate on one area: My huge natural 34gg tits.

Baby Oil part 2

Im going to slowly pour the oil over them, while they are still encased in my pretty lacey bra, making it go transparent. Pouring oil down it to the lace cups over my sensitive nipples.

Then ripping off the bra, so as I can pour more oil over my tits, making them shiny and slippery.

Oiled and ripped

Rubbing and caressing the oil into my tits, they are so slippery I can hardly hold them.

Infact, I think I could do with an extra pair of hands!

Slippery when wet

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Love Danica xxx

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