Let me Assist you.

My boss has just called and said that he is running late for his appointment with you.

He has asked me to assist you in any way that I can untill he can get here.

Down Blouse

Well, I see that you are looking at my cleavage, maybe I could assist you by pulling down my top so as you can see better.

Now I see that you are looking at my long stockinged legs, well let me assist you and take off my skirt to show you my panties.

Can I assist you.

Im a very good assistant, and I dont want you getting bored while you are waiting for my boss, so maybe if I just pull out my huge tits from my bra, and slip off my panties, you will be happy to wait for my boss a little longer.

And maybe you might even tell my boss what a great assistant I am.

All part of the job.

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Love Danica xxx

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