50 Shades of Grey

I had heard so much about this book, that I just had to go and buy myself a copy.

I reach home, and cant want to start reading it: dropping my shopping, I start turning the pages and absorbing the hot steamy story.

My hands start to roam over my body, I can feel myself getting aroused.

Turning the pages, reading every erotic word, by breath quickens, my fingers rubbing and tweaking my hard nipples.

A filthy read

Turning another page, I start fingering my soaking wet pussy, pushing my fingers deep insde my wet hole, rubbing my clit, as I continue to read.

My orgasm arrives, stong, long and very hard, and I almost rip pages from my novel as I grip onto it as I cum.

Cumming hard

Oh god, there is nothing like a filthy afternoon read.

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