Entertain Me

Im bored!

Hey, why dont you entertain me? you could amuse me for a change, after all, Im usually the one who does the entertaining, so why dont we turn things around, and you entertain me?

Now let me see, what can you do for me?

Entertain me

Well, you could get your great big cock out and show it to me.

And then, why dont you start to rub your cock in front of me, I just love watching men wank there cocks in front of me.

I want you to wank for me

I want you to keep rubbing your cock for me, and while your doing that, you dont mind it I start playing with my pussy while I watch you, do you?

Watching you wank

Oh god, that looks so good what your doing in front of, so good I could cum!

Click here and wank for me.

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Love Danica xxx

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