Kitchen Tease

Im so sorry, I know you have come home after a hard days work, and I havnt cooked you any dinner.

But maybe I can make it up to you. Maybe I can tempt you to change your hunger for food, to hunger for me.

Teasing you

After all, surely you would like a little nibble and suck on my big brown nipples, and to squeeze and fondle my huge natural 34gg tits.

And then If your still hungry, well, you could have a feast on my pussy.

Fancy a nibble

Sucking on my clit, eating and licking my wet warm cunt, and lapping up my juices.

And, should you still beĀ  hungry after that, well why dont you follow me up to the bedroom, and I will really satisfy that hunger of yours.

Eat me

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Love Danica xxx

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