Masturbation Technique

So, you have come here today for a little bit of help with your masturbation technique.

Well you have come to the right place as I am something of an expert in this matter.

So, shall we begin?

Let me help you masturbate

I want you to unzip your trousers and get your cock out, so as I can have a good look at it.

Now I want you to start rubbing it; nice and slowly to begin with, long firm strokes, teasing the tip of your cock, and then taking your hand right down to the base of your cock.

Mmm, I can see your cock is getting nice and big now, Let me undress in front of you to give you something to look at while you are wanking. Keep strocking your cock while you look at my huge tits, squeeze your balls as I show you my cunt.

Now start wanking

Now! Now I want you to empty yourself, squirt your load and cum, all over me if you want.

Shoot your load

I really dont mind.

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Love Danica xxx

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