Phone call from a Member.

My phone rings, I answer, Its a fan: a member of the site, who has somehow managed to get hold of my number.

I dont usually like my number given out, but this guy has such a sexy voice I cant resist chatting to him, and when he asks me what Im wearing I happily describe every detail of my clothing and lingerie.

Members Call

I hear his breathing quicken, I know I am arousing him, it excites me and I tell him how hard my nipples are becoming and how wet my pussy is getting.

I then tell him that Im pushing my fingers deep inside myself.

Wanking with a Member

And when I cum I let him listen, knowing all the time that he is wanking himself off to what he can hear.

Cumming with a Member.

Click here to listen to this very hot sexy phone call with a member.

Members click here.

Love Danica xxx

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