The Biology Teacher.

So, today we will be studying Biology: Human Biology.

So today we will be concentrating on the female form.

I had booked a model to come to class today, but unfortunatly she has phoned in sick, so seeing as I am the only female in the class, I am going to stand in as the model.

The Biology teacher.

There are many obvious differences between men and women starting with shape; women are curvy with breasts and hips, let me show you mine and you can see for yourself.

Let me also show you how a womans legs are shaped, and how her thighs are full and her backside is shaped.

Teaching you a lesson.

Now, we are going to move onto the female genitals. Let me show you how soft and wet and warm they are.And how when I slip my fingers inside it excites me, and makes me wet.

The female body

Now class, I think you have seen enough for today, I want you to write up what you have seen as your homework.

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Love Danica xxx

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