The Call Centre

I find myself having to deal with endless calls coming through, as most of my work collegues have gone to lunch.

The calls are relentless, and Im having to place people on hold, including one very special client.

I apologize to him, and explain that I will be unable to put his call through, but to make it up to him, I decide to spend a little time chatting with him.

Taking your call

He starts to flirt with me, asking me what I am wearing and what I look like?

He then tells me, that, to make it up to him for not being able to deal with his call, he wants me to remove some of my clothing. I oblige, after all, the thrill of being caught starts to turn me on.

Dirty talk

Its not long before I am sitting at my desk with my huge tits out, and slipping off my panties to reveal my hairy pussy.

I know lunchtime is almost over, but the thought of being seen, makes me so very very wet.

Office wanking

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Love Danica xxx

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