The Landlord

My landlord pays me a visit; Im behind on my rent and he wants paying.

Im hoping we can come to some arrangement, so I smile sweetly at him, flirting a little.

But he is a very difficult man to please and I realise that Im going to have to do alot more than flirt.

Even flashing my cleavage in my low cut top or showing off my curvy arse clad in tight jeans still doesnt seem to do the trick.

Can I flirt with you

So, there is only one thing to do: And that is to get my huge 34gg tits out and slip down my panties to show him my neatly trimmed pussy.

Can I tease you

Finaly, he agrees to a finacial arrangment, but makes it quite clear to me, that If I cant pay next months rent He will expect so much more.

Can I tempt you

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Love Danica xxx

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