The Plumber

My shower seems not to be working properly, and so I have had to call out the local plumber. Ive heard that he is pretty good looking, and so I decide to have a little fun with him:

I need a strong man

Wrapped only in a little bath towel, that barely covers my womanly curves, I show him up to the shower. I know when I bend over, he can see me big curvy bottom, and that he can also see my huge tits, bursting to pop out of my towel.

34 gg tits

Ooops, my towel just slipped, and he see’s me completly naked: Apologizing, I slip into a long sheer black dressing gown, saying to him that maybe this would be more suitable, but all the time knowing that he can see absolutly every inch of my body through the transparent material.

Showing everything

How I love to tease, and, knowing that he is enjoying my teasing, makes it even more fun.

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Love Danica xxx

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