Come here. Kneel down and let me take a good look at you.

Let me see if you are worthy of being my slave.

Maybe I should set you a test.

Goddess Danica

I want you to worship my feet, kiss and lick them, suck my toes.

Now start worshipping my legs, start at my ankle, and work your way up, over my shapely calves, past my knees, and up to my firm thighs.

Now you can worship my firm round arse. Kiss it, caress it, worship it.

Worship me.

Now, Im going to show you exactly how I like my tits caressed and worshiped and then I will show you how I desire to have my pussy strocked and touched.

I know you would love to be able to do this to me, to stroke and lick my pussy, to be able to push your face into it.

Do you want to worship me.

But you will have to work alot harder than you have been, to have the privilege to so.

Click here to worship me.

Members click here.

Love Danica xxx

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