Shout Outs.

Hey Guys,

Dont forget to checkout the site today, as there is a new update in the members area, for shout outs to some of my favorite members.

So listen carefully as you never know, it could be your name Im saying.

Oh, and if I dont say your name, and you would like me to, drop me an email and I will pop you on the list. (please note, you do have to be a member to be able to request, and watch the shout out updates)

Love Danica xxx

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Are you Worthy

Are you worthy of worshipping me?

Are you worthy of being my slave?

And are you worthy of me being your mistress?

Could you satisfy me, after all I am all woman, a real woman.

Are you worthy?

The question is, are you a real man and could you worship me to my satisfaction?

Well, if you could, I as your mistress would reward you.

And if you cant and fail, you will be punished.

I am your Mistress

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Love Danica xxx

Behind the Scenes

Just popping up a few behind the scenes photos taken from a few recent updates on the site.

Laughing at cocks.


Just Laughing.


Loving a giggle


Still smiling.

Dont forget there are lots of great behind the scenes videos and photos in the members area on the site.

Love Danica xxx

What Shall I Wear.

Im going out in a bit, and Im feeling a little mischevious, so im thinking of wearing something a little daring.

So I would like your opinion on my choice of outfits.

Sexy outfit

Should I wear this sexy low cut dress that shows of all my womanly curves?

Or, should I wear this very very short skirt that shows off my arse when I bend over?

Or, maybe I should wear this very tight skirt that shows off my very full curvy arse?


What do you think? What would you like to see me in?

Going without panties

Click here to choose what sexy outfit you want me to wear.

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Love Danica xxx

Lets Go Out

Im bored sitting in just watching telivision. So come on lets go out.

What can I do to persuade you to stop watch the tv and come out with me?

Lets go out

Bending over showing my wonderfull cleavage? Slipping down my very tight jeans?

Or removing my lingerie?

Ah yes, I have your attention now.

Showing you my tits

Well maybe we shouldnt bother going out now, Lets order take-away and go up to bed.

Lets stay in and play

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Love Danica xxx

Winter Blues

Well I dont know about you, but Im fed up with winter, and cant wait for the Spring.

Winter warmers

Perhaps then, I can start taking off some of these layers.

Love Danica xxx

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We have been having problems with the studio lights all day, and have had to call out the repair man.

I have offered to stay and wait for him, but I have a plan; Ive been feeling very horny all day, so I have dressed very seductivly in a see-through blouse, short skirt, high heels and fully fashioned stockings.

Flirting with the repair man

Its not long after he arrives that I purposely start to show myself off to him, teasing him with views of my cleavage and up myskirt. And with me not purposely not putting on any panties, he can see absolutly everything.

Showing myself off

God I love being an exhibitionist!

Being an Exibitionist

Click here and let me show you everything.

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Love Danica xxx

Really Close and Personal

I know your looking at me with your admiring eyes.

So why dont I make it a little easier for you, by coming a little closer. And then you can enjoy the full view of my magnificent cleavage.

Full natural cleavage

If I get really close, You can get to see my pussy through my panties.

So close

And then when I remove my clothes and lingerie, you really will get to a good close and personal view of everthing I have to show you.

Showing you everything

Click here and let me show you everything.

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Love Danica xxx

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200 Video’s

Well the site just keeps growing and growing and with over 200 videos plus photo-sets, in the members area, there is plenty of wanking material to keep you busy for quite some time.

So come on, what are you waiting for? all you need is your credit card, and a box of tissues.

Happy Wanking

Love Danica xxx

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Signing The Contract.

I need this contract signed. And it seems that you are going to be quite difficult to convince.

So im going to have to use my womanly charms to persuade you to sign.

Can I tempt you

So maybe a flash of cleavage and a glimpse of stocking top might do the trick.

Oh Dear! I can see its going to take a lot more than that, but Im a woman who doesnt take No for answer and will stop at nothing to get what I want.

Flashing stockings and cleavage

So by me getting out my huge natural tits, slipping down my panties and opening my legs very wide to show you absolitly everything, I will expect you to sign.

Are you ready to sign

And then if you do, I will let you fuck me.

Click here to see me use my womanly charms.

Members click here.

Love Danica xxx