Oiled and Naked

 So many requests come to me for more baby oil updates.

And many more requests come in asking to see me totaly naked.

So here is the ultimate video:


Me, completly naked and covered in baby oil.

Enjoy the stite of my naked womanly curves, shiny and dripping in lashings of baby oil.


Watch me as I smouther every inch of myself in oil, and then watch me as I caress, fondle and finger my very very wet juicy pussy.

Naked and oiled

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Love Danica xxx

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Come to Bed

Well, what are you waiting for?  I’m waiting for you!

Bed time

Love Danica xxx

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Kitchen Tease

Im so sorry, I know you have come home after a hard days work, and I havnt cooked you any dinner.

But maybe I can make it up to you. Maybe I can tempt you to change your hunger for food, to hunger for me.

Teasing you

After all, surely you would like a little nibble and suck on my big brown nipples, and to squeeze and fondle my huge natural 34gg tits.

And then If your still hungry, well, you could have a feast on my pussy.

Fancy a nibble

Sucking on my clit, eating and licking my wet warm cunt, and lapping up my juices.

And, should you still be  hungry after that, well why dont you follow me up to the bedroom, and I will really satisfy that hunger of yours.

Eat me

Click here if your hungry for pussy

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Love Danica xxx

Pics of Me

Just thought I would share these great pics with you all, hope you like.

Thank you Benny for the pics.

Love Danica xxx

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Stills and video from a self shot shoot

I know how much you love my self shot videos.

Filming myself

So, here we have not only a self shot video, but also a photo set of me filming it.

Filming my arse

So you get double the pleasure of watching me get very up close and personal with the video camera, but, you also get a fabulous photo set for you to linger over and enjoy.

Filming my pussy

Click here to watch me self shoot.

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Love Danica xxx

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Silver Lady

I hope that you will enjoy this photo-set.

Its something a little different, but a very classic idea:

Silver Lady

Me, naked, but draped in soft shiny silver material.

Enjoy the effect it gives as it drapes over my naked body, and shows of every inch of my curvy shape.

Naked for you

And then enjoy as it slowly slips of my curves and leaves me totally bare and naked, for you to see and enjoy every inch of my womanly body.

Silver Dream

Click here to enjoy this update.

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Love Danica xxx

Shopping Trip

Well, A little bit of retail therapy never did anyone any harm!

Retail therapy

Love Danica xxx

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Milf in Pantyhose

Do you like my pantyhose?

Do you like the way show off my long legs and how they show the shape of my full round arse?

Black sheer pantyhose

Let me bend over for you, so you can get a better look.Can you see my pussy through them?

Im going to open my legs nice and wide for you so you can see the gusset of my pantyhose.

I bet you would love to push your face into it and smell me!

Arse in pantyhose

Why dont I slowly slip them down for you, just to the tops of my thighs, so you can see my pussy and arse.

And then, Im going to wank while you watch me.

Pantyhose wank

Click here and enjoy me wanking in my pantyhose.

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Love Danica xxx

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My Retirement

Well, after over 30 years in the business the time has come for me to slip out of my silky stockings and 6 inch heels and retire from the business.

I have had an amazing journey over the years; I’ve worked with some amazing people and I’ve travelled the world with my work. I have been so very lucky to have been able to work within this industry for so many years but I always promised myself to leave this business whilst still on a high and that time has now come.

I want to thank all of my fans who I have gained over the years, some of which remember me from the very beginning, all those years ago.

Thank you for your loyalty and for being part of my journey. Thank you also for all the support you gave me when I set up ‘JustDanica’, for your e-mails, your comments and the biggest thank you for signing up to the site and helping to make it a huge success.

My career would never have lasted this long without each and every one of you buying the magazines I have appeared in, watching the videos that I have performed for and for becoming a member of my own site. Thank you for never tiring of me and always wanting to see more.

The site will remain up indefinately so that you’ll always have access to my photos and videos and I’ll still be here, in the background, to reply to you when time permits.
There are a few more sets and videos to come that have already been shot but they will be the last updates to appear on the site.

Well, thats about it, just one last goodbye and the biggest thank you to you all. It’s been fun, in fact, I’ve had a ball, but it’s time for me to hang up my stockings and put my feet up.

Lots of Love  Danica xxx

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50 Shades of Grey

I had heard so much about this book, that I just had to go and buy myself a copy.

I reach home, and cant want to start reading it: dropping my shopping, I start turning the pages and absorbing the hot steamy story.

My hands start to roam over my body, I can feel myself getting aroused.

Turning the pages, reading every erotic word, by breath quickens, my fingers rubbing and tweaking my hard nipples.

A filthy read

Turning another page, I start fingering my soaking wet pussy, pushing my fingers deep insde my wet hole, rubbing my clit, as I continue to read.

My orgasm arrives, stong, long and very hard, and I almost rip pages from my novel as I grip onto it as I cum.

Cumming hard

Oh god, there is nothing like a filthy afternoon read.

Click here to enjoy watching me cum.

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Love Danica xxx

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