In the Mood to Play.

Lying here with the light turned down low, dressed in this figure hugging black lace body stocking, and silky black stockings, is getting me in a playfull mood.

Playfull mood

Strocking my body with my powerfull pink vibrator, soon starts to excite me.

Rubbing it over my already erect nipples, teasing it over my pussy making me shudder with excitement, slipping it inside the black lace, letting it vibrate directly onto my pussy, makes me wet.

Nipple play

Pulling open the gusset of my body stocking, and slowly easing the vibrator into my wet and willing hole, pushing it deep inside, god it feels so good, and my orgasm comes, hard, very hard, and very fast.

Cumming hard.

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Love Danica xxx

What would you do with Me.

What would you do with me, given half the chance?

Where would you start?

Where would you start first.

Would you start first on my breasts, kissing them, squeezing them, sucking on my nipples, making them hard, would you bit them with your teeth?

Then would you turn me over and play with my arse, squeezing it, pushing your face deep into it?

Would you want to kiss and suck my feet, pushing my toes into your mouth?

Suck my tits

And my pussy, What would you do first? brush your face over my soft pubic hair, smell me, tease my clit with your tongue, push your tongue deep inside my wet hole. or would you just want to fuck me hard with your big cock?

Fuck me now.

Click here to choose what you would do with me.

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Love Danica xxx

Barbecue Time

There is nothing like a barbecue in the garden, so lets get out there and make the most of this lovely weather we are having at the moment.

Eat and be merry

Love Danica xxx

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Car Breakdown

My car has broken down and I cant get it re-started.

I need a man; a man who is good with his hands, a man who will rescue me.

Someone is coming, maybe he can helpBut he doesnt look very friendly and doesnt seem that willing to help.

But maybe I can  use my womanly charms to persuade him to help me.

Can you help

After all, how can he resist a little bit of cleavage and stocking top? But it seems that is not enough and I need to get my car fixed, so Im going to have to show him absolutly everything.

Would you like to assist.

I really dont think he will be able to resist that!

Outdoor flashing

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Love Danica xxx

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I have a very special member, who has requested a private webcam session with me.

After greeting him, its not long before he requests to get a long lingering look at my cleavage.

Then he wants to see my tits out of my bra, well he has asked so nicely, who am I to refuse.

Webcam Me

I know that showing him my tits excites him, as he tells me his cock is nice and hard, so when he asks for me to slip off my panties, and I tell him that I have a surprise for him; that im not wearing any, he then tells me how excited he is.

Showing off my arse

Opening my long stocking clad  legs very wide, I show him my wet pussy, then I begin to play with my pussy with my fingers, slipping them in and out of my wet hole.

Wanking on webcam

He tells me he is cumming, and the thought of it makes me so excited.

He is left breathless, but satisfied.

What a great session that was.

Click here to watch me webcamming.

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Love Danica xxx

Back from my Hols

Well, Im back from my holiday, had an absolutly fabulous time: Lots of relaxation, lots of good food and wine, and sunshine.

Taking a bit of shade

Now Im back and rearing to go, which is just as well as Im off again this week, only this time its off up the M6 to shoot updates for the site.

But, at least it will still be sunny (I hope).

Have a great week everyone.

Love Danica xxx

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Come here. Kneel down and let me take a good look at you.

Let me see if you are worthy of being my slave.

Maybe I should set you a test.

Goddess Danica

I want you to worship my feet, kiss and lick them, suck my toes.

Now start worshipping my legs, start at my ankle, and work your way up, over my shapely calves, past my knees, and up to my firm thighs.

Now you can worship my firm round arse. Kiss it, caress it, worship it.

Worship me.

Now, Im going to show you exactly how I like my tits caressed and worshiped and then I will show you how I desire to have my pussy strocked and touched.

I know you would love to be able to do this to me, to stroke and lick my pussy, to be able to push your face into it.

Do you want to worship me.

But you will have to work alot harder than you have been, to have the privilege to so.

Click here to worship me.

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Love Danica xxx

Independance Day

Wishing everybody a very Happy Independance Day.

Have a really super day if you are celebrating it, time to spend with family and friends with lots to eat and drink.

Enjoy everyone.

Love Danica xxx

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Summer Scooter Fun

Every now and then, I like to do a light hearted fun photo-shoot.

Summer Fun

So, here I am on a summers day in a flirty floaty summer dress, bare legs and pumps. Posing on a mediterranean blue scooter.

Outdoor flash

Of course its not long before my big 34gg boobs are tumbling out of my dress and im showing you that Im not wearing any panties.

Enjoying the sun

Click here to enjoy me flashing outdoors.

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Love Danica xxx


Well I off away for a little holiday in the sun this week. So my swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops are packed, and of course the sunscreen, and Im looking forward to sun Sangria and swimming.

Im only away for a week, but please do be patient if you email me, and are waiting for a reply. (I am on holiday after all) I will answer all emails when I get back.

Catch up with  you all when Im back

Love Danica xxx


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