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A quick note to inform you guys (and girls) that I can now accept PayPal payments for subscriptions to Just Danica.
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At the Studio

Another week away shooting updates at the studio this week.

Starting work at the studio

So here I am, just sorting out what we are to shoot today.

Have a great week everyone.

Love Danica xxx

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Being your porn

I love knowing that when you are looking at me, you are wanking yourself off.

I love being your porn. Just knowing that your cock is hard and throbbing while you look at me, makes me feel so fucking horny.


Being your porn


I want  it to be just you, me, and your big beautiful cock.

Im going to show you everything, you dont even have to ask.

Watching me wank

I just want to you sit, watch and wank.

Wank over me

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Love Danica xxx

Slutty Secretary

Do you think my skirt is too short?

Do you think my top is too low cut?

Well, there is a reason why Im dressed like this:

Im applying for a promotion and I have an interview for it today, and I am going to make sure I stand out against the other applicants.

Short skirt and high heels

So, what do you think? is my outfit a little too slutty? Good, I hope so.

Now, do you think I should bother with these panties? I dont think they are necessary do you?

No panties

I dont think I need to bother wearing a bra, do you?

Ok, Im ready for my interview now, wish me luck.

To bra or not too bra

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Love Danica xxx

Cock Sucker

Im going to apply some very deep and dark red lipstick to my lips, and then show you how I would suck your cock.

How I would lick it and tease it with my tongue, and then take it your cock with both of my hands and push it deep inside my warm wet mouth.

Licking your cock

Wrapping my red lips tightly round it, sucking and spitting on your big hard cock, pushing it in and out of my mouth, smearing my lipstick all around my face, and making a real mess of it.

Sucking your cock

But now I want you to make  a really big mess, by cumming all over my face.

Sucking and swallowing

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Love Danica xxx

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Lunch Date

Im just off for a light lunch, care to join me?

Lunch Time

Love Danica xxx

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The Stocking sales Lady

Good morning, can I interest you in purchasing some fully fashioned stockings?

For your wife, or girlfriend maybe:

I have a great range, and so many colours and styles; black, tan, navy, contrast seam, rht, and seamed.

Why dont I try some on for you to choose.

Can I interest you in anything.

These navy blue stockings are very popular, and they match the panties that I am wearing, let me slip them off, so as you can get a better look.

And these contrast tan stockings really enhance a ladies legs, and they seem to match the bra that I am wearing, if I take my bra off, you will see how well it matches.

Which would you choose

I can see you are rather impressed with what im showing you.

Thankyou for your order, Im sure your wife will enjoy what you have bought her, and im sure you will enjoy your wife wearing them.

Can I tempt you

Click here to watch me slipping in and out of stockings.

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Love Danica xxx


Im busy decorating, Ive so much to do, and so little time to do it.

Climbing up the ladders to reach the top of the wall, stretching high,

Bending over to load more paint onto my brush.

Kneeling down to paint the lower part of the wall.

Doing the decorating

Phew this decorating is hard work.

Making a mess

And, Oh I seem to have got myself into a right mess;

Paint, everywhere, on my boobs, up my legs, and even on my pussy.

I think I need a little help, anybody care to lend a hand?


Click here to watch me getting wet and messy.

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Love Danica xxx

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Art Work

A quick little pic of me, sent to me by a fan.

Paint me

I love it, Hope you do too.

Love Danica xxx



Vintage Slip

I have jobs around the house to do, so I hope you dont mind me just being in this pretty little vintage slip, with just my lingerie underneath.

As I stretch and bend, you should get a good view of my curvy arse, and my full cleavage.

Vintage Slip

Its getting a little warm, you dont mind if I just remove my panties do you, after all, it means that when I bend over to dust you get a good view of my pussy.

See-through Slip

And, if its okay with you, I might just slip off my bra, that way, you can see my husge 34gg tits better, especially as the delicate little straps on this petticoat, keep slipping down.

Slipping out of my slip

Click here to enjoy watching me in this see-through vintage slip.

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Love Danica xxx