Back from my Hols

Well, Im back from my holiday, had an absolutly fabulous time: Lots of relaxation, lots of good food and wine, and sunshine.

Taking a bit of shade

Now Im back and rearing to go, which is just as well as Im off again this week, only this time its off up the M6 to shoot updates for the site.

But, at least it will still be sunny (I hope).

Have a great week everyone.

Love Danica xxx

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Come here. Kneel down and let me take a good look at you.

Let me see if you are worthy of being my slave.

Maybe I should set you a test.

Goddess Danica

I want you to worship my feet, kiss and lick them, suck my toes.

Now start worshipping my legs, start at my ankle, and work your way up, over my shapely calves, past my knees, and up to my firm thighs.

Now you can worship my firm round arse. Kiss it, caress it, worship it.

Worship me.

Now, Im going to show you exactly how I like my tits caressed and worshiped and then I will show you how I desire to have my pussy strocked and touched.

I know you would love to be able to do this to me, to stroke and lick my pussy, to be able to push your face into it.

Do you want to worship me.

But you will have to work alot harder than you have been, to have the privilege to so.

Click here to worship me.

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Love Danica xxx

Independance Day

Wishing everybody a very Happy Independance Day.

Have a really super day if you are celebrating it, time to spend with family and friends with lots to eat and drink.

Enjoy everyone.

Love Danica xxx

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Summer Scooter Fun

Every now and then, I like to do a light hearted fun photo-shoot.

Summer Fun

So, here I am on a summers day in a flirty floaty summer dress, bare legs and pumps. Posing on a mediterranean blue scooter.

Outdoor flash

Of course its not long before my big 34gg boobs are tumbling out of my dress and im showing you that Im not wearing any panties.

Enjoying the sun

Click here to enjoy me flashing outdoors.

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Love Danica xxx


Well I off away for a little holiday in the sun this week. So my swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops are packed, and of course the sunscreen, and Im looking forward to sun Sangria and swimming.

Im only away for a week, but please do be patient if you email me, and are waiting for a reply. (I am on holiday after all) I will answer all emails when I get back.

Catch up with  you all when Im back

Love Danica xxx


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The Biology Teacher.

So, today we will be studying Biology: Human Biology.

So today we will be concentrating on the female form.

I had booked a model to come to class today, but unfortunatly she has phoned in sick, so seeing as I am the only female in the class, I am going to stand in as the model.

The Biology teacher.

There are many obvious differences between men and women starting with shape; women are curvy with breasts and hips, let me show you mine and you can see for yourself.

Let me also show you how a womans legs are shaped, and how her thighs are full and her backside is shaped.

Teaching you a lesson.

Now, we are going to move onto the female genitals. Let me show you how soft and wet and warm they are.And how when I slip my fingers inside it excites me, and makes me wet.

The female body

Now class, I think you have seen enough for today, I want you to write up what you have seen as your homework.

Click here if you want me to teach you.

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Love Danica xxx

My Nephews Porn Stash

Im at my nephews house, his parents are away and while tidying up his room I suddenly find a collection of porn magazines.

Im a little shocked, but as I flick throught them, the pictures I see start to arouse me.

But, suddenly, my nephew comes in and I start to scould him for looking at magazines like that.

Nephews porn stash


He tells me that he is old enough to be looking at them, and as he does I see his eyes are on my breasts.

Obviously he is not satisfied with just looking at pictures, so I ask him if he has ever seen a womans breast in the flesh?

He hasnt, but wants to.

Showing off my tits

Well they are only breasts after all, and he has to learn somewhere, so I agree, just as long as he doesnt tell anyone.

Aunties Tits

What will he do, when I show him my huge big tits?

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Click here to see Aunties Tits.

Love Danica xxx


At The Ballet.

This weekend I enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Royal Albert Hall.

I went to see the ballet Swan Lake. It was a breathtaking performance, and a truely beautiful evening.

At the Ballet


Enjoying the show

Love Danica xxx

P.S Apologies for the blurry last pic! xxx

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Looking up my Skirt.

Hey you down there, what are you doing?

Oh, I know, you are trying to look up my skirt.

Well. do you think my skirt is short enough, can you see everything?

Looking up my skirt.

Why dont I make it easier for you and turn round and bend right over for you.

Can you see my panties? would you like me to take them off.

Let me slip them down for you, so as you can get a really good look at my pussy and arse.

Looking at my panties.

I hope your cock is getting nice and hard now.

Im going to stand right over you now, no panties, legs wide and then I want you to wank over what Im showing you.

Showing you everything up my skirt.

Click here to look up my skirt.

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Love Danica xxx

Phone Pic’s

I find myself taking a few pictures of my self on my mobile.

Self shot cleavage

Pictures of my huge cleavage, of my panties and then pulling my panties to one side I start taking pictures of my very wet pussy.

God, its really turning me on, so I switch the camera mode to film and then film myself touching myself.

Slipping my fingers into my pussy, teasing my clit, making it very hard.

Natural 34gg tits self shot phone pics

Watching myself do this arouses me so much, I cant hold back my orgasm and I cum very very hard.

Filming myself

Click here to watch me filming myself.

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Love Danica xxx